Wine For Cats: It Exists


Finally, two of my saddest interests combined into one sad, sad product: cat wine.

Per Autostraddle, Nyan Nyan Noveau was invented by a Japanese (of course) company who saw a market for the product, a non-alcoholic grape beverage that’s sold in a bottle, available for purchase by the sort of people who imagine that their cat cares what flavor of cat food they buy it.

Apparently, B&H Lifes developed the drink for cat owners “wanting to celebrate birthdays or Christmas with their beloved cats” but seriously, I think I’d give it to my cat just so I didn’t feel bad about drinking an entire bottle of wine alone. And at only (USD) $4 a bottle, this is a steal of a deal.

Psh. What sort of quantum loneliness would prompt a person to celebrate holidays with their cat-friends?

Then again, I think I’ve got a pretty rich, enjoyable life, but the other day, I spent 10 minutes standing glassy eyed in the super market, looking at rows and rows of canned Fancy Feast, thinking Will my cat like chicken better? Does she like steak flavor? What about fish? before I realized WHO CARES. So maybe this product is for me.

Holy shit — am I depressed?


[h/t Kotaku]

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