Wise Teens Turn #Followateen Movement Into #Followanadult


Last month, Buzzfeed’s Katie Notopolous urged Twitter users to #followateen and report on what said teen is up to in a mockingly anthropological tone. (Examples range from “My teen thinks Anne Frank was ‘a great girl'” to “My teen is lamenting the fact that she hates the taste of alcohol and cannot do shots like many of her peers.”) Hilarity at the expense of 10th graders ensued.

Leave it to Tavi Gevinson, who is way cooler than I and the majority of people I know will ever be as an adult, to co-opt the hashtag and turn it on grownups.

Tavi’s adult has a lot on her mind:

Moral of the meme: teenagers are better at the internet and sarcasm. We’re also going to die sooner, so they win on all counts.

(Image via Instagram)

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