Woman Accused of Adultery by ISIS Survives Stoning


A Syrian woman accused of adultery by the Islamic State has reportedly managed to survive their attempts to execute her by stoning. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the woman was stoned in the streets of Raqqa, but managed to run away after the ISIS militants torturing her believed she had died.

The report from the Syrian Observatory—which we saw via Raw Story—cites “reliable sources” who say that the woman was stoned publicly in broad daylight on al-Ferdos Street. It’s not clear when the incident took place. The Observatory’s sources told them the stoning went on “until they thought she had died,” but she surprised them by jumping up and running away. One ISIS militant is said to have made a move to shoot her, but an ISIS “judge” stopped him, saying, “Her sentence is done let her go and repent to her God.”

Stoning is just the latest demonic new thing ISIS is getting up to, when they’re not raping and enslaving Yezidi women or beheading journalists and mentally ill Japanese tourists. The Observatory believes they have executed 15 people since July, nine of them women, all for either adultery or homosexuality.

Image via AP

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