Woman at Airport Security Refuses to Waste a Bottle of Remy

In Depth

A woman in a Beijing airport simply had no other choice but to drink a whole bottle of cognac at security check to avoid having to throw away $200. Such is the cost of air travel.

Zhou was on her way to Wenzhou from Beijing via connecting flight on Friday when airport security stopped her for having a liquor bottle that was over the 100 ml limit. Zhou had originally purchased the Remy at a U.S. airport.

According to Time (via the South China Morning Post):

Not wanting to let her $200 Rémy Martin XO Excellence go to waste, the woman, surnamed Zhou, drank the entire bottle.

XO Excellence. XO Drunk. Believe it or not, Zhou got a little tipsy:

Zhou became so intoxicated that she was found rolling on the floor and acting erratically at a boarding gate at Beijing Capital International Airport, reports the South China Morning Post.
“She was so drunk … she couldn’t even stand up herself. We took her to a room in a wheelchair so she could rest,” a police officer told the local paper Beijing Times.

Per the captain’s orders, Zhou did not get on the plane. Relatives later came to scoop her up once she was sober.

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