Woman Attempts to Row Pacific Ocean, Is Rescued Off Coast of Japan


When’s the last time you tried to do something big? Like, say, become the first woman to row across the Pacific Ocean?

Sonya Baumstein was that person—perhaps still is that person, in terms of trying—after departing from Choshi, Japan last week in a custom carbon shell, an “expedition team” on hand to help her along her journey. Unfortunately, Baumstein sent distress signals around the 155-mile mark (the total trek, in theory, is about 6,000 miles) due to unforeseen challenges, like lost drogues (which, at first, I’m like, “Drogues, who needs ‘em?!” but apparently, one does), a failed steering system, and shitty weather.

According to her website, Baumstein is a pursuer of expeditions: after ending her collegiate rowing career early due to injury, she says the ocean “brought her back to life.” As in any discipline, history shows us time and again that a few choppy waves can’t keep a bad bitch down—truly, a metaphor for life—and I have no doubt that Sonya will take to the water again, when she’s ready.

Image via AP

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