Woman Brutally Attacked With Knife for Looking Too Happy


Jessie White, a 25-year-old student at Devry University in Chicago viciously attacked a woman with a knife. Her crime? Looking too happy as she passed by him.

The unnamed woman was walking past White with her daughter when he came up behind her and stated that he was going to kill her. He then thrust a knife to her throat. The woman screamed for her daughter, who had been knocked down, to go for help. The daughter ran, but only after trying to hit White with her backpack. That’s when things got even worse.

As the daughter of White’s victim ran for help, the woman grabbed the knife and started struggling for control of the blade. The blade broke and White knocked the woman to the ground. Then White dragged her into an abandoned coach house (which, according to the Cook County prosecutor, he knew was unlocked) where he beat and strangled the woman while shouting “I’m going to kill you! I have to kill you!” at the victim. In the nick of time, the victim’s husband came running and rescued his wife.

The victim is currently recovering from her injuries and is being treated for bruises to her neck and body. White has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery according to the New York Daily News. The NYDN also reports that White may have been suffering from severe emotional and mental health issues. While no diagnosis has been released by a psychiatrist, NYDN points to White’s Facebook posts which suggest some serious problems.

On Sunday, he posted, “I promise to work hard everyday and be a better person guys. I miss you guys so much.”
On May 10, he wrote, “Goodbye for awhile guys don’t know when I can come out again. I love you all. Just know that I’m ok, just need to work on my life and my future. I just need to grow and become a better person not just for me but for the love of my life my family and all of my friends.”

Cook County Prosecutor Erin Antonietti confirmed that the attack occurred because White saw the woman walking with her daughter and he was enraged by her happiness.

Image via NYDN

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