Woman Discovers Fake Fingernail in Her Taco Bell Nachos

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Nachos are awesome; on that, I believe we can all agree. They are somewhat less awesome when you have to pick a press-on nail out of them, though.

Such was apparently the case for a Lake Wales, Florida* woman named Kailynn Roland. Via Fox13, Roland and her boyfriend got some drive-through nachos at a local Taco Bell on Monday. Things were going as well as can be expected when Taco Bell is involved—until Roland discovered a full-length, acrylic French-tip fingernail buried at the bottom of her multi-layer chip experience. The extremely erudite Roland had the following to say about her experience:

“It’s gross. I puked,” Kailynn said.

Wise words well-spoken, surely. The funny part of this story (aside from every other part, which is also the funny part) is that the press-on nachos were apparently a replacement order, as the Taco Bell had screwed up Roland and her boyfriend’s order on the first go-round. She called the Taco Bell to complain about someone attempting to feed them fake fingernails, and (probably because the universe ever-adores a comedy of errors) the manager gave her the wrong number to Taco Bell’s corporate offices.

Join us next time on Florida Stories, when a Broward County man will have sex with a burrito in a public park and then throw a bunch of haddock at an electrical substation because his pet boa constrictor told him to.

* None of you win anything for guessing this was Florida—the House isn’t paying out bets on Florida stories any more.

Image via Foodio/Shutterstock.

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