Woman Forgives Husband for Making Wrong Turn, Prepares to Die


Dianna Bedwell, 68, was stranded in her car in a South California desert for two weeks in May. Yesterday she made her first public comments about the ordeal which she barely survived and killed her 79-year-old husband Cecil “Paul” Knutson.

“I told him, ‘Honey, we all make mistakes. We all make wrong choices.’ That’s all that was,” the Associated Press reports. “We had 29 wonderful years together. If we make it out, fine. If we don’t make it out, fine.”

The couple were heading to their son’s home in Palm Springs, California for Mother’s Day when Knuston took a wrong turn, their Hyundai Sonata became stuck on a rock.

The remote location of the car made it difficult for rescuers to spot the car, though they continued to search. Knutson passed away a week after the couple went missing. “He just fell asleep,” Bedwell said. “I thank God for that. There was no pain, no anger.”

Bedwell survived on rainwater, eight pounds of oranges, and a butter cream pie. She was found on May 24 and airlifted to the hospital. The Associated Press reports that—physically—she is fully recovered.

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