Woman Loses Her Legs and Fingers to Terrifying 'Dog Bacteria'


In case you needed something new to feel anxious about now that you’ve given up zip-lining, here’s some info about a deadly pathogen that could be lurking in your furry friends’ saliva.

A Texas woman was bitten (inconsequentially, her family thought) while trying to break up a spat between family dogs, and just a few days later found herself hospitalized, on a respirator, and clinging to life. She’s since lost her legs below the knees and all her fingers. Thankfully, doctors were able to identify the bacteria and turn her physical deterioration around.

“They knew there was this unusual bacteria in her bloodstream. The lab had trouble identifying it. They sent it to the state. The state had identified it as capnocytophaga species,” said Dr. Kristin Mondy, an infectious disease specialist with Seton.
While doctors say what happened in this case is extremely rare, they do believe that up to 1/3 of cats and dogs have that bacteria.
“It’s pretty amazing she’s keeping that attitude up in spite of all the things that have unluckily come to her, cause who thinks of getting a dog bite and then losing your limbs?” said Pelton.
Throughout this very difficult situation, Robin’s family has rallied around her. They’ve created a web page and a Facebook page where friends and strangers can show their support and donate to Robin’s medical expenses.

Robin was uninsured at the time of her accident. You can read about the specifics of the incident (and donate, if you feel so moved) here. I think I can safely speak for all of us here at Jezebel when I say: GAAHHHGETWELLSOONOHMYGODIAMSOSORRYTHATHAPPENEDTOYOUGAAAHHH. Best wishes all around.

Woman bitten by dog has legs, fingers amputated [FOX]

Photo credit: get4net / Stockfresh.

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