Woman Pushed Onto Train Tracks By Subway Stranger [UPDATED]


On Monday morning, an unidentified woman was pushed off the subway platform onto the tracks by a stranger. The attack happened at the Bleecker Street stop in Manhattan and was, according to reports, random and unprovoked. Welcome to summer, all your nightmares are coming true.

From the AP:

Authorities say it happened around 9 a.m. Monday as she was standing on the southbound platform at the Bleecker Street station in Greenwich Village*.
Police say a man approached her and said “what are you looking at?” They say he then grabbed a plastic bottle from a garbage bin, threw it at her and pushed her to the tracks.

The attacker left the scene immediately and has not been identified or apprehended. The victim was helped back up onto the platform by another rider and taken to Bellevue where she was treated for minor physical injuries, including scratches and abrasions. Hopefully, she was also given something that would knock her out for 7-10 hours because that ordeal must have been more than terrifying.

The woman’s expected to make a full physical recovery, although the experience may make it unlikely that she’ll be open to taking the subway again anytime soon.

UPDATE: According to DNAInfo New York, the woman who was pushed onto subway tracks is transgender, and the case is now being investigated as a hate crime.

* Ed. Note: Apropos of nothing, the Bleecker St. 6 train subway stop is, like, nowhere near Greenwich Village. Does the AP have nobody in New York City who knows where things are?

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