Woman Rips Off Daughter-In-Law's Nipple During Brawl


First, it’s important to note that all parties were drunk. Second, this report contains some of the most cringe-inducing words you will ever read.

The Smoking Gun obtained documents from the Las Cruces, New Mexico Police Department, detailing how Amelia Oveide, 46, was in a confrontation on December 12 with Marie Cadney, 30, the wife of Oveide’s son, 26-year-old Jason Cadney.

Apparently everyone was boozing all night, but at 3AM, as is often the case, things turned sour. Amelia was arguing with both her son Jason and his wife Marie, but then focused on yelling at Jason, and it became “very intense.” Marie stepped between mother and son. Amelia grabbed Marie’s right breast “and began to squeeze and pull on her nipple.” Amelia didn’t let go, so Marie started punching Amelia in the face. Eventually Marie and Jason threw Amelia out of the house. But Marie could tell something was wrong. And here’s your cue to cringe! According to TSG:

“When she untucked her shirt she stated her nipple fell on the floor. She stated she picked it up, put into a bag securing it,” cops reported. Amazingly, two hours passed before Cadney “decided she needed to go to the hospital.”

Marie had a reattachment procedure and Amelia was charged with aggravated assault.

And we learned a lesson: It’s dangerous to stand between your man and his mama when they are arguing.

Cops: Woman Tore Off Kin’s Nipple [The Smoking Gun]

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