Woman Tips Waitresses $15,000 After Overhearing Their Financial Woes


Next time you’re trying to decide whether to tip your server 18 or 20% (you’d never tip less, right?), think of this: an anonymous woman tipped three waitresses $5000 each after overhearing them discussing how hard it is to pay their bills and school expenses with their regular earnings.

When they tried to refuse, she apparently said, “I want you girls to take these to help with school and everything else in life. Yes, you can take it. You put that in your pocket. God sent me here to help you.” Wow, it’s like the second coming or something up in here.

In all seriousness, this is incredibly generous and the waitresses plan to put the money to good use: One waitress, Sarah Seckinger, plans to use the money to finish her degree in criminal justice so that she can become a police officer.

Image via Shutterstock.

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