Woman Who Gives No Fucks Goes Skydiving for Her 100th Birthday


When Eleanor Cunningham turned 100, she wanted to do something really special. While I’m sure for plenty of women her age, going down to the local supper club for a night of dancing, or smoking through a couple cartons of cigarettes and downing a bottle of brandy would have sufficed quite nicely, Cunningham decided to do something a bit more extreme: skydiving.

She kissed her seven-month-old great-great-granddaughter before taking off for the jump at Saratoga Skydiving in Gansevoort, but it’s not like this was Eleanor “Sledgehammer”* Cunningham’s first time jumping out of a plane and parachuting down (while attached to someone else). This was her third jump—her first was at age 90. That feeling you’re experiencing at the moment is your body accepting that anything it will do, even if it’s pretty fucking cool, will not be as awesome as a 100-year-old woman skydiving. It’s okay, I’m here for you.

Cunningham’s doctor signed off on the jump, saying her health was a-okay, which is something I honestly don’t know my doctor could say the same about me. Happy birthday Eleanor Cunningham!

*Not her actual nickname, but it definitely should be.

Image via Getty.

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