Women On The Verge Of A Fashion Breakdown


It’s fun sometimes to meet some new faces — and see new styles! And at the Recent Spanish Cinema Series 2010 Opening Night Gala in L.A., that’s exactly what we got…

Actress Natascha Berg affirms her commitment to sparkle-motion.

It was really hard to find a picture where recording artist Veronica Romeo wasn’t mugging or striking an awesomely theatrical pose — and I wanted to be able to show you these boots.

I hate to think how actress Marta Etura sits with this much boning. But it does keep her posture 18th-Century erect!

As it inches into coat weather in the East and some of us break out our bonnet hairdryers for the first time this season, we can only marvel at Monica Huarte‘s beach-worthy getup and think about, um, the shape of the Earth.

Actress Palmer Davis strikes the alternative to the Little Teapot: the Mr. Universe Contrapposto.

Danay Garcia‘s dress could not be a more awkward length if it tried. Maybe it is trying.

Actress Veronica Diaz goes for effortless drama.

Actress Paz Vega pulls off this 80s bridal situation far better than anyone has a right to.

[Images via Getty]

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