Women Spend Three Years Of Their Lives In The Kitchen


The time we spend cooking has decreased from six years in the 1960s, which is thanks in part to innovations in kitchen appliances. And probably an increase in take-out restaurants.

  • Recently, a dating advice columnist from San Francisco made the argument that the church is keeping black women from finding love. 42% of African-American women in the U.S. are unmarried, and Deborrah Cooper believes that this has something to do with their religious beliefs – and their near obsessive love for their pastor. However, many are skeptical of Cooper’s argument. “The last time I checked, the church ain’t no dating service,” pointed out churchgoer Patty Davis.
  • Want to make more money? Move to New York. Women in the Empire State had a median weekly income of $720 last year, which is better than women in the rest of the U.S., who brought in just $657. Really want to make more money? Try being born a man.
  • A report released by the United Nations on Tuesday highlights the continuing threat to women and children in Afghanistan from the Taliban and other insurgent groups. “Afghan children and women are increasingly bearing the brunt of this conflict,” said a U.N. rep. “They are being killed and injured in their homes and communities in greater numbers than ever before.”
  • Researchers from the University of Michigan recently found that 90% of women have been sexually harassed in the workplace, and 10% have experienced the most severe form of harassment – being sexually blackmailed by their bosses. However, the study’s authors suggest that smaller, more subtle examples of sexual harassment (i.e. comments about clothing and appearance) can be just as damaging as more overt displays of sexism.
  • At around 7:40 p.m. on August 2 two women were spotting running down the aisle of Dunham’s Sports in Michigan carrying crossbows. They escaped with the $800 weapons, only to be later apprehended and charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree retail fraud.
  • If you’re still dreaming about quitting your job in some hilarious, awesome, meme-worthy way (like the White Board Girl or the Jet Blue Guy), the Huffington Post has a few more suggestions for you. Warning: you might need some serious computer skills to pull these off.
  • Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage yesterday. In a 9-2 decision, the court decided that all 31 states must recognize same-sex marriages performed in the capital city. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean gay weddings will become legal throughout the country, though it certainly seems like they’re on their way.
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