Wonder Woman Storms onto the 40th Anniversary Cover of Ms. Magazine


Ms. magazine has just turned 40, and their new cover features Wonder Woman, larger than life and arriving just in time to save us all from the War on Women. For the past few days, the editors have been teasing this cover, tweeting hints like: “This woman was born during WW II” and “She has her own Mac cosmetics line!” and “She has been featured on her own television series.” Readers made guesses — Azeelia Banks? Beth Ditto? Rosie the Riveter? But no, Wonder Woman is the cover model, as she was for the 35th anniversary issue and the first-ever cover in 1972. She was also on the cover in 1997. But you know what? It really does seem like we need her now, more than ever.

Full cover (which is also available as a poster, if you subscribe) below.

Ms. Magazine [Twitter]
Ms. Magazine [Official Site]

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