World's Biggest Jerk Steals Crops From Humble Fifth Grade Farmers

Hey, criminals of the world—don’t steal from elementary school students.

It seems that something like that should go without saying but apparently it warrants a stern finger shaking on behalf of all society. According to, an All Year Round Grinch asshole decided to steal a crop of onions that a group of students had been growing to donate to their cafeteria and a local homeless shelter. AWWW COME ON, MAN:

The theft of 100 onions from a city school garden may not seem like a big deal to some people, but to these kids, it was huge.
All year long, they learn about gardening and its benefits. They go outside and plant things, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and pumpkins, in five raised beds and bring them inside for use in the kitchen, as well as in their math, science and literature curriculum.

Dude. What is wrong with you, hideous child onion thief? One student called the theft “kind of depressing.” OK ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? You made a poor, sad child in Maine feel “kind of depressed.” You are a miserable bastard person. I shan’t speak to you or of you ever again, Mr. Meany Pants.

Image via Shutterstock.

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