World's Dumbest Frat Facebooked Photos of Drug Deals, Unconscious Women 


The Penn State chapter of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity has been suspended and police are investigating after the school’s interfraternity council discovered two “secret” Facebook pages filled with pictures of the members doing objectionable things: hazing, transacting drug deals, and photographing women who were passed out and/or partially nude. One page was called “Covert Business Transactions.” Verrrrrry smart, guys. A + for decision-making.

WJAC TV reports that State College, Pennsylvania police obtained a search warrant after getting a tip about the secret “Covert Business Transactions” page, which was allegedly shut down after a victim — which in this instance must mean one of the unconscious women photographed — discovered it. A second page, “2.0,” was reportedly made in its place. The search warrant says that by the time police were able to search the frat’s computers, they had already been wiped clean of evidence, although the cops were able to grab about 20 photos earlier in the investigation.

Kappa Delta Rho has yet to comment — their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since December. Meanwhile, the interfraternity council says they’re suspended immediately and will be ordered to undergo a “conduct review session” after the cops are done investigating.

Just a gentle reminder here not to put your criminal activity on Facebook, unless you’d like it to serve as a testament to your absolute and shattering idiocy. Penn State is also home to the fun sorority who dressed up like “Mexicans” last year and held signs like “Will Mow Lawn For Weed + Beer.” Because Greek life is an important and enriching part of the college experience.

The Kappa Delta Rho house. Image via Facebook

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