WTF Was This Cop Car Sex Scene Doing in Sons of Anarchy?


I watch Sons of Anarchy every week and I’ve put up with some foolishness, but Tuesday night’s episode might’ve boasted the show’s dumbest scene yet. In it, a female cop asks her biker informant-turned-lover to publicly do her on her police car to prove his affection. Did I mention it all goes down as another biker dude sits atop his hog nearby, staring blankly at the couple?

This FX show’s showcased many unbelievable storylines in its run, but Lieutenant Althea Jarry (played by
Annabeth Gish) wouldn’t go out like that, dude. In this fan’s opinion, the show just jumped the shark. I’m officially hate-watching now.

Sons of Anarchy purports to be about men, but it’s really about Gemma Teller Morrow, her dark past and the Charming, California kingdom over which she rules, including the Samcro biker gang. Starring Katey “Peggy Bundy” Sagal as Gemma, the show, created by her husband Kurt Sutter, boasts two of the most complex, conniving and well-written female characters I’ve seen in awhile.

Tara Knowles (played by Maggie Siff) was Gemma’s daughter-in-law and nemesis because she dared to take Jax Teller’s attention away from his mother. She (SPOILER ALERT) died in season six. Gemma and Tara’s fights, both cerebral and fisticuffs, were great television. Forget the dudes; Sons is a tale about how strong, evil and dastardly women can be, which is why Tuesday’s scene with Jarry and her informant-cum-lover Chibs (played by Tommy “That guy from Braveheart” Flanagan) was so … out of place and disappointing.

It is true that Jarry’s reputation to-date has been compromised by accepting dirty money and sleeping with Chibs, but otherwise her character’s been mostly respectable. Being plugged on top of a cop car in plain view of a stranger was not her modus operandi, which is why the scene dripped with the cheesy, unwarranted male panting of an 1980s PG-13 film.

As a long-time fan of Sons and this being (thankfully) the show’s final season, I’d like to make one request; please don’t ruin the series with any more dumb scenes like the Jarry-Chibs made-for-television porno. Kurt Sutter, you’re better than this.

ps. Gemma got to die.

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