X Factor Judges Fired After Berating Contestant for 'Disgusting' Looks


Meet Natalia Kills and Willy Moon, two people you may have never heard of/will hear of ever again. The husband-and-wife judging team has just been fired from New Zealand’s X Factor for unleashing an over-the-top and bizarrely angry diatribe at a contestant over his looks.

It’s true that a reality show is boring if the judges aren’t just a little mean, but even Simon Cowell would probably roll his eyes at these two, who had nothing nice to say about a contestant named Joe who made the mistake of slicking his hair back and wearing a suit to the audition. And when he made the mistake of singing one of Moon’s songs for the show a Michael Buble song for the show? Well, Natalia was just done. No one was going to copy her husband’s inimitable style, which, I must remind you, is a suit and slicked back hair. Basically the same look you’d go for if you were on your way to an interview, a wedding or a funeral. A look that almost every man has done at least once in their lives. A look, according to Kills, which is utterly original and belongs to her husband alone.

From Bro Bible:

According to Kills and Moon the contestant came off looking like a cheap version of Moon and it was fucking insulting to them that he would dare dress, and try to look, like the X Factor judge. The pair called him “cheesy,” “disgusting,” “artistically atrocious,” and Moon even said “I feel like you’re going to stick someone’s skin to your face and kill everyone in the audience.”

Yes, those are their words verbatim. Kills even said that she was disgusted to be on the show at the same time as Joe because she is an artist (who has not stolen her look from artistic renderings of Cleopatra…at all) and does not go for fakery and creepiness. Or class, I guess? As Bro Bible points out, “the icing on the cake” is when the host comes out to join a beleaguered Joe and is in the same exact outfit with the same slicked back hair. Because that is how many people dress when they want to look good on national television.

Personally, I think Kills and her husband (who doesn’t say much but just pouts a lot like he’s seen Sam Smith do) were just trying too hard to be “the mean ones” on the show, but I guess that doesn’t really matter now as the pair has been relieved of their duties on the show. Staged? maybe. Cringey as fuck? Absolutely.

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