Y/N: Rita Ora and Chris Brown's 'Body' Duet Is Like Maintenance Sex


N: Expectations for this Rita Ora and Chris Brown collabo were low to begin with and, lo and behold, “Body On Me” has a flat quality that makes me wanna scream “Do more!” It’s supposed to be a sizzling duet but it’s the equivalent of boring maintenance sex. [That Grape Juice]

N: Kid Cudi’s “Confused” is a really bad celestial country song about the meaning of life and contains the line, “Seems my color’s blue.” [Fader]

Y: Robin Thicke’s single “Back Together” is the type of smooth, bouncy dance floor single (a la “Magic”) that he does effortlessly now, albeit blandly. [That Grape Juice]

N: A deep primal groan erupted when I saw the names Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Ed Sheeran on a song together. Nice that it celebrates the joys of fatherhood I guess, but I can only tolerate about 30 seconds of this. [Billboard]

Y: Overly sentimental low-budget music videos are my favorite type and Keke Wyatt nails in “Lie Under You” where she’s near some sort of cabin by the lake reminiscing in a cowboy hat. [This Is RnB]

N: At first “Wake Me Up” sounded like it could be another one of Ja Rule’s rhythmic jams so I gave it a chance. But man are his vocals atrocious. [Rap Radar]

Y: The video for the K-pop band Wonder Girls’ “I Feel You” features keytars, ’80s bodysuits, sunset choreography and lots of vapid expressions. It’s dumb and fun. [Idolator]

Y: As intended, the Ted Smooth remix of Jidenna’s ubiquitous “Classic Man” makes me wanna do the running man at a ’90s school dance. [Nah Right]

N: Jess Glynne sulks with a lot of blurred lights in the background of the video for “Why Me,” which is neither here nor there. [Idolator]

Y: Kendrick Lamar has yet to lead us astray with the visual presentation of songs on To Pimp a Butterfly. The “For Free?” video is as short and wacky as the interlude and extends the black American dream theme. [Billboard]

Y: R&B newbie Midnight made a mellow electro sway tune driven by his light, tranquil falsetto. [This Is RnB]

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