Y/N: Top Model Chantelle Slays and Channels Sia in an Eminem Video

Y: “Guts Over Fear” is a song where Eminem reflects on his career losses and rap as an emotional outlet: “How many times can I say the same thing different ways that rhyme?” he rhymes, reading my mind. It’s very hard, Em. Sia’s my favorite part of the song, and the video gets a thumbs up because Chantelle (aka Winnie Harlow) from the current cycle of America’s Next Top Model looks good lip syncing Sia’s vocals in a blonde bob. Tyra taught her. [Complex]

Y: Fifth Harmony fills the empty girl-group void in my life, so I’m grateful for this “Sledgehammer” video and all its synchronized princess-y sweetness. “If you checked my pulse right now it would feel just like a sledgehammer” indeed. [That Grape Juice]

Y: This unexpected mash-up of Kanye West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One” made my day. [The Verge]

N: And then hearing John Legend on David Guetta’s “Listen” made me sad. [This Is RnB]

Y: Tink’s “Tell the Children,” a record about police brutality, is both morbid and apropos right now. The spooky childlike cooing adds an even more ominous effect to the poignant lyrics: “He was more afraid of him when he’s the one with the piece?” [Miss Info]

N: I started doing this interactive Coldplay video for “Ink” and then got distracted by a notification ding. How do people do this? [Pitchfork]

Y: How to Dress Well created a 54-minute mix called “you and i are the same” featuring songs from FKA Twigs to Sia to Dej Loaf. Pre-made DJ mixes satisfy the sloth in me when I’m too lazy to make playlists. I like the flow of this one. [Stereogum]

Y: The video for Sleigh Bells and Tink’s “That Did It” is just two cool chicks being like “lol, what?” Although last week I said “N” to this cut, guess what I changed my mind. [Stereogum]

Y: The intense Fight Club style video for Skrillex’s “Fuck That” centers on a fighter prepping for an underground brawl. The “fuck that beat up” lyrics make it seem like a soundtrack to a mini-movie. I wish the fighters would break out into a Step Up dance choreography in the middle instead, but it’s cool. [Fader]

Y: Jade Le Fleur’s “405” is a rainy day jam for those who are “bout that life.” Mad somber and almost like an R&B Western. [Billboard]

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