YESSS: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Are Making a Movie Together


In fantastic midweek movie news: Deadline is reporting that Amy Poehler has entered the final negotiation stages of signing on to co-star in The Nest alongside longtime pal and colleague Tina Fey.

The film’s described thusly:

[Fey and Poehler] play thirtysomething sisters who come home to find their parents’ house has been put up for sale. They spend a last wild weekend together, bonding and feuding and finally growing up.

The Nest will be directed by Jason Moore (who also directed Pitch Perfect) and is written by the terrifically funny Paula Pell, a Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock writer whose Twitter account you should have been following yesterday.

Tina and Amy have been working well together since meeting at Second City in the early 90s. Since then, they have gone on to co-star on SNL and in the feature film Baby Mama and have also co-hosted the Golden Globes twice.

Patron saints to female Improv 201 students everywhere, Fey and Poehler continue to entertain and inspire.

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