You Can Rent LiLo's Jankity Beverly Hills Home For $10,450/Month (This Piece of Shit Doesn't Even Have an Infinity Pool)


Look at that tiny-ass non-Infinity pool! It’s a disgrace to New Hollywood and to the glorious trash and excess of the good Lohan name. Also, new renters, before you swim in it, I’d strongly suggest that you empty and bleach that thing. Who knows what dangers live below its deceptively simple surface.

As for the rest of the 2,509-square-foot shack-of-sadness — which Lilos abandoning because she can’t afford it to move to NYC — it has 3 bedrooms, freshly painted interiors, and an updated kitchen. If you’re interested, hit up the realtors, but just make sure they burn all the furnishings first, who knows how many mutant strands of bed bugs Dina carries on her body. Probably at least 15.

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