You Can Sleep Soundly, Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid are NOT Fighting

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You Can Sleep Soundly, Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid are NOT Fighting

At one point in time, the most liked photo on Instagram was a picture of Selena Gomez drinking a bottle of Coke. Gomez herself was also the most followed person on Instagram, for a time. But like the McRib, an evening of unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks, and an America free from the tyrannical rule of failed lunatic businessmen, all great things must come to an end sometime or other.

Unlike the McRib however, it doesn’t look like Gomez will be making a surprise return, at least not to the top spot on Instagram. This is thanks, in very small part, to Bella Hadid, who still doesn’t follow Gomez on Instagram. During a more peaceful time in the hellscape that is celebrity social media news, both stars followed each other, until of course Gomez started dating Hadid’s on-again-off-again ex, The Weeknd. Naturally, the pair unfollowed each other, and honestly good for them. No one needs to keep tabs on what their ex is doing.

Since Hadid’s split from The Weeknd, it looked as though any potential ill will between the two had all but dissipated into the ether, with Gomez even commenting “Stunning” on a recent picture of Hadid. Hadid went on to delete the post entirely, which signaled to some fans that the drama was back on. Thankfully though, the two apparently squashed the drama quickly, Hadid telling Gomez she deleted the post because she didn’t like the picture.

I think the main takeaway here is that we should all be posting on Instagram with the reckless abandon of a supermodel Hadid sister, because I can’t remember the last time I posted anything without approval from at least three separate group chats. [TMZ]


Adult human couple Evan Peters and Halsey are dodging pregnancy rumors because Peters touched Halsey’s stomach in public earlier today. The new couple, who became Instagram-official earlier this month, were spotted minding their own business while trying to get donuts and coffee in California when the paps snapped a photo of Peters touching Halsey around the midsection.

My ex once put his hands around my belly after we ate dinner and I didn’t talk to him for a week, so honestly shoutout to anyone for allowing their stomach to be touched after eating. For now though, perhaps it’s time to chill with the pregnancy rumors, next thing you know she’s gonna throw up a peace sign and they’ll be saying she’s telling us it’s twins. [Page Six]

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