You Did Not See Nancy Grace's Actual Nipple, She Swears


Our favorite Dancing With The Stars contestant will not have you believing that the image of her exposed breast that you saw with your own eyes is actually real. She’ll have you know that whatever that nipple-looking thing that popped out of her bra was not a nipple! What you saw — or what Nancy is insisting you saw — was nipple-covering breast petals and her bra. Sure it was.

She tweeted, “Evidence re my alleged ‘wardrobe malfunction’ which I vehemently deny: Breast Petals & industrial strength bra.” Nancy, we believe that you were, in fact, wearing those items on the night you allegedly exposed yourself to an entire nation of television viewers, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t see your northernly business. Alas, your “evidence” isn’t quite enough. Kind of ironic, don’t you think?

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