​You Will Believe Who Won Project Runway this Year

Project Runway has anointed its Season 13 winner and it’s the person you thought might win. So you were right. That person won. Thursday night’s season finale saw the final four designers heading to New York Fashion Week to show off their best fringe, denim, street and “ethnic” designs.

Sadly, Kini, who was initially considered a front runner, had to redesign much of his collection after the judges destroyed it for looking too old, which it did. “There’s no sex appeal,” said Nina Garcia.

After that critique, I figured Kini wasn’t making it far, even though there was a thread of hope when he purchased new fabric and turned his designs into denim lemonade. The judges praised his sewing skills all season, but Kini
didn’t present a cohesive, full-package collection at Fashion Week. The judges liked this:

Charketa meanwhile had a few knockout pieces (like the last-minute long dress with the hood), but the elephant in the room was that she was never really in contention. There was no way she was beating Sean or Amanda.

After seeing Amanda’s collection, which the judges described as “ethnic,” it seemed like she was headed for a W. Her designs were not only wearable, but also thoughtful. When guest judge Emmy Rossum mentioned Amanda’s potential to create a brand as big as Diane von Fursternberg’s, I thought, hey Amanda might win because that’s a great thing.

But adorable New Zealand Sean, who stuck to his fringed guts and his “Betraying Caesar” theme, took the title because his designs were crisp, creative and thematic. THIS show-closing look was pretty phenomenal:

He’s happy. You know who’s not happy: Korina, according to the next week’s reunion preview.

Images via Lifetime/Getty

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