You Won't Find These Mother's Day Cards at the Supermarket


Most greeting card aisle offerings are geared towards the nuclear family norm. Check out the “Mama’s Day Our Way” eCard series, which highlights queer moms, immigrant moms, and other moms that aren’t so Hallmark-friendly.

This is the third year running that Strong Families has commissioned a group of artists to design Mother’s Day cards featuring “low-income moms, young moms, immigrant moms, single moms, incarcerated moms, queer moms, and moms struggling with substance abuse,” among others.

According to the 2010 census, around 80% of U.S. families don’t resemble the “traditional” (in the eyes of conservative sentimentalists) two parents + two adorable children fam. So why not send one of these instead? They’re prettier than the standard frilly rose-infested Pepto-Bismol pink bullshit, too.

[Strong Families]

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