Your Boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Getting His Own Variety Show


Human Kermit the Frog and star of 500 Days of Summer Joseph Gordon-Levitt is headed back to television and, no, it’s sadly not to reprise his role as Tommy on a hypothetical reboot of 3rd Rock from the Sun. Instead, Gordon-Levitt will be premiering a 30-minute weekly variety show on the new network Pivot, so get ready for a lot of wild half hours full of JGL classics such as “Hey, you guys want to see me do back handsprings for 10 minutes?” and “What? This ukelele? Yeah, I guess I could play some songs on it.”

In actuality, the show will be almost entirely crowdsourced and made up of submissions from HitRecord, Gordon-Levitt’s website/production company that he describes thusly in the video above:

“It’s a little different from your typical Hollywood production company ’cause anyone can come work for us. We use the internet to collaborate with artists from all over the world and we form a community around the art that we make together.”

And how will this translate into a TV show?

“We’re gonna have short films, live performances, music, animation, conversations and more. Every episode is going to be regarding a theme like the road or snow or outsiders, childhood, Halloween… HitRecord is a collaborative production company so we’re gonna make this TV show together. Anybody can come contribute to our collaborations or start your own.”

“Oh-ho,” cry the critics. “People donate their art for free and then Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets to do whatever he wants with it and take credit?” Not quite:

“As with any HitRecord production, if we use your stuff, we’ll pay you for it.”

Honestly, today’s Friday, which is a very easy day to be cynical because everyone is tired and being cynical takes way less effort than being enthusiastic. I want to be shitty about this project because it’s so much easier, but you know what? If the variety show works out, it sounds like it could be super cool and a wonderful opportunity for artists to show their work. And they say that the cold blogger’s small heart grew three sizes that day!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Going to Have His Own Variety Show [Time NewsFeed]

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