Your Boyfriend Tom Hardy Returns to British TV in Peaky Blinders


Tom Hardy and those lips of his are joining a BBC TV drama called Peaky Blinders in the U.K., which means I’ll be revving up my laptop for a bootleg source. Don’t act like you weren’t thinking the same thing.

The handsome villain from Dark Knight Rises and Lawless will join season two of the British drama, writes Deadline Hollywood, and the cast will begin filming soon. Here’s the Peaky Blinders synopsis:

The period series is set in Birmingham, England where the Shelby family lead the Peaky Blinders – a feared gang named for their practice of sewing razor blades into the peaks of their caps. Hardy will play a charismatic leader who presents a unique opportunity to Cillian Murphy‘s Tommy Shelby. … It will see the Shelby family expand their empire as the 1920s begin.

As for when Peaky Blinders will reach the States, the Weinstein Company has purchased the television and video-on-demand rights to the first three seasons. I imagine the show will probably follow the Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes timeline of airing in the U.K. first and then America months later. I really hate that process because of international spoilers, but still, Tom’s hot and I’m in.

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