Your Boyfriend Was Spotted in Pittsburgh


While reporting on heavy rains that flooded parts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday afternoon, KDKA-TV reporters captured footage of your boyfriend making his way down a water-covered Route 51. Far be it from me to get involved in someone else’s messiness when I have plenty of my own to deal with, but didn’t he tell you he was visiting his grandmother in Paterson this week to help her move into a new assisted living facility? If so, what the hell is he doing in Pittsburgh?

It’s none of my business, but doesn’t your boyfriend’s ex—the librarian who cheated on him with that lobbyist while she was in DC for some convention—live in Pittsburgh now? Sources tell me she is renting a house in Overbrook, which is not too far from where this video was taken.

I’m not saying he is or isn’t guilty of lying to you, but after noticing KDKA’s cameras trained pointed in his direction, your boyfriend did appear to have been caught in the act of something.

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