Your Evening Puppy Power: Homotional Rescue Falls in Love with Adoptable Dog Brooklyn


In this episode of Homotional Rescue, Zach Rosen talks to British singer-songwriter Neon Hitch (Who is this? I don’t know her but I like her accent, hair, and outfit so she’s got a new #1 fan!) about adopting rescue dogs.

Just look at featured pup Brooklyn! He is so handsome and adoptable and his name is so on trend and terrible — I’m in love! How badly do you wish your entire house was a rescue puppy playpen? The correct answer is: NOT VERY BADLY. Once, I fostered a litter of Chow Chow/Shepherd mix puppies and HOO BOY, I lost a lot of underwear. I don’t know what it is about puppies and chewing up crotches but basically, my undies had the allure of a hundred Greenies mixed with Fancy Feast and then rolled in crack and old burrito. Grody to the max! Cute puppies though, they got great homes. Point is: watch your panties around puppies.

[Via Out]

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