Your Presidential Candidates Eating Phallic Corndogs


Over the weekend, some were outraged at a photo published in The Telegraph of Michele Bachmann at the Iowa State Fair, looking like she was fellating a corn dog. Mediaite’s Frances Martel blasted what she called “the sexist subtext here: would the Telegraph have run a similar photo of a presidential candidate consuming an obvious phallic symbol if said candidate were male?” We don’t know about the Telegraph, but we will. (Bonus: vaguely NSFW animation.

At left, a Getty photo of Michele Bachmann and a corndog. At right, the one The Telegraph‘s Toby Harnden snapped himself and ran.

But Rick Perry also likes to “chomp” down on corn dogs with “gusto.” Did you know they look like dicks?

Whoa, here’s another one. What does this say about Rick Perry’s fondness for sticking long, thick objects into his mouth?

This crappy-quality photo of Romney with a corndog safely a distance from his mouth was distributed by his campaign, and as far as we could find, it’s the only one.

Consolation prize: Romney looking miserable at the same Iowa fair, eating a pork chop.

Back in 2008, Barack Obama did it right: He wrapped it up.

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