Your Sex Fantasies Aren't As Freaky-Deaky as You Think They Are


If you are a human being with a body, then chances are that you’ve occasionally imagined doing some super freaky things with that body and—quite possibly—the body of another human, or multiple humans, or whatever! Whether your sexual fantasies embarrass you or you willingly let that freak flag fly, rest assured that you’re probably not alone.

A recent study out of the Université du Québec and the Philippe-Pinel Institute of Montreal and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that for a large number of people, sexual fantasies tend to fall into very similar categories: sex in a certain place, sex with a certain person (who isn’t their primary partner), dom/sub scenarios, fetishization of body parts and objects, and voyeurism.

Christian Joyal, the paper’s lead author, hopes that the research will “start a debate where we can talk about no longer stigmatizing people.”

“When you see that 60 per cent of women are thinking about submission, I don’t think we can call it ‘outside the norm,'” he tells Canada’s The Star.

As with all fantasies, fantasizing about submission doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to experience a dom/sub sexual relationship in real life. In fact, most of the women who said they thought about submissive sex also said that they didn’t want to actually have it.

“It’s important to make that distinction, because there are many people who believe that if someone has a fantasy, it’s because they want to realize it,” Joyal says.

So, considering the broad spectrum of scenarios that those categories contain, rest in the knowledge: Your fantasies are probably anything but freaky. And of course, even if they are, don’t sweat it too much (unless sweat happens to be your thing).

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