Zombie Cat Claws Out of Grave, Terrorizes Florida


Florida is known for many things: Disney World, pleasant weather and being the setting for Starring Sally J. Friedman as Herself. Now it’s being recognized for being the home of one more special thing: A zombie cat who clawed his way up and out of his final resting place.

Meet Bart the cat, just another in a long line of reasons why there should be a mandatory waiting period before burying someone who might—might—be dead. Found in a pool of his own blood after being hit by a car and pronounced deceased by the vet, Bart was buried and forgotten, just one more kitty gone to the self-cleaning litter box in the sky. But a week after Bart had been interred in his final resting, he appeared at his owner’s Tampa Bay home, terrifying everyone with his presence as well as the knowledge that there exists a cat that will fucking not stay dead and will climb the fuck up from under ground to exact revenge/come home to love you. Knowing cats, though, it’s the former.

From The Daily Mail:

Though he still needs surgery before it can be certain he’ll pull through, Bart’s brush with death saw him escape a muddy grave.
It is unclear how he escaped, but Hutson is convinced that the battered feline who made his way to his neighbor’s garden – then on home in the hope of a meal – is his revived pet.
Bart’s eye will never work again – even if the surgery goes right – but his survival instincts are clearly on top form.

I hope that cat lives forever, because he fucking deserves it. I also hope that his surgery is successful and that Bart spends his remaining years on earth in luxury—by which I mean allowed to scratch anything he fucking pleases.

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