Zuzuka Poderosa's Jane the Virgin Song 'Tambores' Is a Street Paradise


The temperature is disgusting in New York City right now—why am I wearing tights and a sweater in June?!—but this new video by Zuzuka Poderosa gives me something to aspire to and, if we’re being honest, she always does that.

The Brazilian-bred, Brooklyn-based MC is a beacon for what she terms “carioca bass”—the funk carioca of Rio’s favela juiced up with a multinational sensibility and much more of the Miami-derived sub-bass on which carioca is built. On “Tambores,” which translates to “drums” in Portuguese, Poderosa sneaks up on the beat with a sweet coo before stomping all over the rhythm, made by Brooklyn-based global bass producers Sub Swara. If this song sounds familiar but Zuzuka does not, it’s probably because you heard it on an episode of Jane the Virgin. If this video looks a bit like an proscenium for the technicolor short sets you’re dying to wear if it ever becomes warm again, it’s because it’s a collaboration with designer Sheena Sood’s abacaxi NYC line—Summer 2015, girl, where can I cop.

In an interview with Browntourage, director Shruti Parekh described the video’s color bursts and global influence as “a mix of Indian-Brazilian culture happening,” which shows up in the largely improvised work of the dancers, Michele Baer and Grace McCants. “We are all inspired by our backgrounds and style,” she said, “by striking, inspiring images that draw on culture and heritage.” Cross-diasporic convo: makes for ill shit!

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