10 Celebrity Kids' Books We'd Like To See


Evangeline Lilly told Craig Ferguson that she plans to write children’s books, a step that’s become almost de rigueur for celebs. But not all celebs are on the bandwagon; we can think of more who should really jump aboard.

Frankly, Lilly’s story about “Squickerwonkers” sounds pretty icky to us. And while everyone from Madonna to Crips founder Tookie Williams seems to have penned a kids’ book at this point, here are a few we’d really like to see. Don’t forget to thank us in the acknowledgments!

Prince Flesh-Beard and the Magic Crystals, by Spencer Pratt
God Hates Heather’s Two Mommies, by Pat Robertson
The Carrie Finger-Paintings, by Candace Bushnell
Master Maladjustor and His Stupid, Contrived Persona, by Marilyn Manson
Shootin’ Grizzlies, by Sarah Palin (ages 2-5)
frances nd the EVIL HATERS tht STOLE her (nd kurts $$), by Courtney Love
Daddy’s Favorite Hooker, by Charlie Sheen
The Monster That Ate Liberals, by Ann Coulter
Alistair McBlueballs and the Incomprehensible Conspiracy, by Thomas Pynchon*
Why Aren’t You Married Yet?, by Lori Gottlieb

*A literary writer, yes, but also a celebrity — he was on The Simpsons!

Lost Star Evangeline Lilly: Children’s Book Author? [Ohnotheydidnt]

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