10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Weezer rocks out on Yo, Gabba Gabba!, a commercial suggests cheating on your spouse with an Avatar, and we discover the worst ever Crap Text Message From A Dude.

1.) “Men and women are different”
Except we all put our adult diapers on, one leg at a time.

2.) Larry King Live‘s poor clip choice
Corey Feldman appeared on LKL this week to discuss the death of his friend Corey Haim. The producers of the show ran a clip from The Lost Boys (the first of several films the Coreys starred in together). Perhaps they should’ve found a segment that didn’t end with Feldman’s character telling Haim’s, “It’s your funeral.”

3.) Corey Haim really did sell his teeth on eBay.
To capitalize on Haim’s death, The Insider dug up an interview clip from 2004 out of its vault which had never aired, most likely because Haim was claiming he was sober in it, and really wasn’t. Anyway, he bragged about selling his molars on eBay for $5,000.

4.) Sober House is back
Kari Ann Peniche came in with dirty urine (testing positive for meth). She started up her “Go fetch me some juice” act, and then got extremely rude with house manager Jennifer Gimenez, calling her a “fat bitch.” Jennifer actually just lost a bunch of weight in between seasons of the show the old fashioned way, with diet and exercise, and has expressed her sensitivity about her weight issues in the past. I’m not saying that name-calling is the most mature way to deal with a person like Kari Ann, but it’d be really hard for me in this situation to not refer to her as a “butt-crack bitch.” Seriously girl, pull up your pants. The low-rise thing was old when it was still new.

5.) Boob cheese
That’s sounds grosser than it really is. Um, actually, no. It’s exactly as gross as it sounds. A NYC chef decided to make cheese out of his wife’s excess breast milk. It supposedly has a “gelatinous” taste.

6.) Weezer on Yo, Gabba Gabba!
The dressed up as insects and sang a song about them.

7.) Now you can cheat on your wife with an Avatar
Why in the hell did AshleyMadison.com do this? Are they trying to bring in more SciFi geeks or something? Those kinds of guys are usually lucky to get laid with one girl, let alone cheating on her with multiple women.

8.) Paulina dishes about Tyra
When Tyra was wooing Paulina Porizkova to be a judge on ANTM (before she fired her), she took her out to dinner and talked all about…Tyra.

9.) Crap Text Message From A Dude
On this week’s episode of 16 and Pregnant, a teenage girl named Chelsea got knocked up by her emotionally abusive boyfriend. Really, he was such a shit bag. He would be horrible to her, and she kept thinking that maybe she deserved it. She finally realized that she was through with him when he sent her this text message. She said she didn’t care so much about what he had said to her, but that she was upset about how he treated her daughter, who she said “didn’t even do anything.” Maybe now Chelsea understands how her parents were feeling during her relationship with this guy.

10.) Bottling the scent of HPV

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