10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Willie Nelson admits to Larry King that he’s stoned on TV, Niecy Nash has a distracting booger, and someone invents porn for blind people, much to blind people’s chagrin.

1.) Willie Nelson is high on TV.
Shocker, I know.

2.) Diabeedus

3.) How dare Jim Carrey comment on other people’s personal lives!
So say the people on The Insider who comment on other people’s personal lives. I love that after they finish admonishing Carrey for essentially blaming Elin for Tiger’s infidelities, they go on to agree with him.

4.) Niecy Nash’s booger
And speaking of The Insider, Niecy Nash interviewed her fellow DWTS contestant Kate Gosselin for the show, but I was too distracted by her booger.

5.) “I don’t want to see that!”
Some lady in Canada invented “porn for blind people” by creating a book with embossed nudie pictures and braille descriptions. The blind people didn’t like it.

6.) People in the PJs don’t care about Oprah.
Mary J. Blige returned to the housing projects where she grew up for an Oprah segment this week, and randomly ran into one of her old neighbors. MJ informed her that she was on Oprah, and the neighbor walked away.

7.) Guys aren’t turned on by real lezzies wrestling.
Unless you’re rolling around in condiments on the floor suggestively with another woman in order to turn on men, men will find this behavior “disgusting”—or at least the men on The Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

8.) Wendy’s wig fail
Wendy Williams tried out a new look this week with a different wig and different eyebrows, and viewers did not like it.

9.) Jews tax
First of all, every time I see this commercial, I always think this woman is saying “Jews tax.” Secondly, what kind of bullshit is the “American Beverage Association” and their obvious agenda with this ad?

10.) Coffee Talk with Jill Zarin
Speaking of Jews, did anyone catch Watch What Happens last night? Jill Zarin was on with her mother, and it was seriously like a real-life episode of Coffee Talk. They talked about Barbra Streisand, Israel, and bedazzled sweatshirts. I loved every minute of it.

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