10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Snooki is back on our TV sets, an evil cat tries to murder its owner, and more on scientific fart protection.

1.) LOLCat tries to murder owner

2.) Todd Bridges really loves meth.
How many people do you think he just convinced to try shooting up?

3.) High Society finally ends.
I didn’t bother covering the finale because that show completely fizzled out. However, one notable thing about the last episode was the caption beneath Tommy’s name. He’d previously been described by Paul Johnson Calderon as being a model. But I think that the reality of what he does for a living is the perfect allegory for this entire mess of a show.

4.) Are Dutch ovens ruining your marriage?
Then get this blanket, which is made with some kind of fancy science that supposedly blocks fart stank.

5.) In other butt news…
This commercial makes my anus feel weird.

6.) A flaming case on Judge Judy.

7.) How you doin’?
I guess I’m going to have to accept that the Old Spice guy is like, officially a “thing” now.

8.) Paris Hilton’s new hair
Soccer mom.

9.) Terminally ill man sells ad space on urn
And PETA bought it.

10.) Looky, looky, it’s Snooki!
While filming season two of Jersey Shore in Miami (seriously, how Reno 911: Miami is this whole venue change?), she got in a bar fight with a guy, and someone filmed it on their cellphone. Jill Zarin weighs in.

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