10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Tyra pretends to have rabies, Lindsay Lohan says that partying is what she’s “supposed to be doing,” and the title of Queen Latifah’s new movie—Just Wright—is particularly topical.

1.) Tyra fakes having rabies.
I guess she’s not going for an Emmy this year.

2.) It’s not Queen Latifah, it’s just Wright.
Isn’t the title of Queen Latifah’s new movie funny considering that many, many people—including myself—thought that she’d come out on the cover of People, when it turned out to be Chely Wright?

3.) Solange on Yo Gabba Gabba!
Her eye makeup was awesomely on the verge of scary, for a kids’ TV show.

4.) Judge Judy does not think that Asian-eye jokes are funny.

5.) Feminism

6.) Psych week
This commercial for Discovery Health has been running incessantly all week, so much so that I get real soulful and sing along with it when I’m doing dishes. I only recently looked up and saw the text on the screen.

7.) Bieber
There are several awesome WTF things about this still: The caption; Justin Bieber’s shirt; and the fact that Fox News misspelled his name.

8.) Cyndi Lauper rules
Every time she talks, all I can think is, “She’s so unusual!”

9.) “When did I start not being OK?”
Um, well, I’d peg it right around the time of your second DUI arrest and third stint in rehab.

10.) “I learned it from watching you!”
That’s what I took away from this clip, in which we discover that Dina Lohan is irresponsible and a hoarder.

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