10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Jennifer Aniston calls her self “a retard” and Regis Philbin laughs, Tina Fey’s first commercial surfaces, and Dolph Lundgren goes on Fox & Friends.

1.) Jennifer Aniston is “a retard.”
A few years ago, I’d read an interview in which the writer said that Jennifer put her cigarette out in her salad after she was done with it. I thought that was absolutely disgusting. I’m starting to like her more and more.

2.) Tina Fey before she was famous.
This commercial actually looks like a fake SNL commercial, right? I guess it was good training.

3.) An unsurprising factoid
Stephanie Pratt failed her driver’s test four times.

4.) Snooki is annoying—allegedly.
I find fascinating that there is an actually law in Seaside Heights making it illegal to be annoying. Their jails must be filled to capacity at all times.

5.) The Situations is trying to make crooked glasses happen.
I thought they were broken for the first few episodes this season. I imagine that it must hurt the back of his ear, doing that.

6.) Dolph Lundgren
Why is it that this man was born in Sweden, lives in Spain, and has a way better English accent than Arnold Schwarzenegger?

7.) The Van Wyck
Even though Wikipedia agrees with this woman—and that other guy’s hoity-toity Hamptons friend—that it is pronounced “Van Wike,” every New Yorker I’ve ever heard in my entire life has pronounced it “Van Wick.” Including Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza.

8.) A stroller
Some artsy fartsy type painted a baby stroller and has been abandoning it in different parts of Park Slope. People are up in arms about it, yet no one has thought to just throw the fucking thing in the garbage.

9.) Not Hugh Grant
His name is Andrew Jenks and he has some show on MTV. How is he not Hugh Grant!?

10.) Lionel
This week he’s yelling about bagels.

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