11 Books You Should Read This Summer

From steamy romances to coming-of-age novels to a history of the hot dog, we've got the perfect beach or park read for everyone.


Holler Child, LaToya Watkins

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Holler Child, LaToya Watkins
Image: Random House

Watkins’ second book is packed full of intriguing, fully realized characters— a real feat, give that they appear only for the length of a short story—living in the middle and aftermath of personal crises and discoveries. Many are navigating family bonds gone awry, and Watkins expertly weaves into these stories the way inequality and race structure daily lives. In a piece about her first book, Perish, Texas Monthly asked, “Has Texas finally found its William Faulkner?,” which is to say: If you are looking for expertly crafted writing in your summer reading, this is an obvious choice. (Plus, short stories are perfect for when you’re traveling from place to place.) —Nora Biette-Timmons

Out August 29. Preorder it at Bookshop or Amazon.

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