14-Year-Old LeAnn Rimes Was 'All That'


When The Huffington Post directed our attention to this old photo of LeAnn Rimes, we had to know more: what’s “All That”? (The Nickelodeon show?) What’s with that blinding pendant she’s got on? How about the poufy-bangs-and-scrunchie combo? And really: Why is she so damn sassy at a mere 14 years of age?

Sadly, the only answer to these questions we could find was that “All That” was the name of her very last single before she made it big. The obscure “All That” was released in 1994 by Nor Va Jak Records, and her next song “Blue,” released by Curb Records, was the first of many hit songs that went platinum in both the United States and Canada. In any case: Maybe bringing the scrunchie back would help endear her to tabloid readers?

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