20% of Your Dreams Star Your Partner. As for the Other 80%…


You might be married to the man of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean you’ll dream about him every night. According to The Body Odd,

A new study out of Germany estimates that romantic partners are present in at least 20 percent of nocturnal imaginings. But it isn’t because we spend so much time with them during the day. Rather, Nodland explains, our dreams often represent unresolved problems and feelings—and we tend to have a lot of both where our relationship is concerned.

So what about the other 80% of dreams? Here’s a completely unscientific unverified breakdown:

  • 5% falling from the sky to the earth — often after jumping too high
  • 5% random celebrity giving you helpful household tips
  • 10% teeth falling out
  • 20% work nightmares
  • 2% suddenly inexplicably pregnant
  • 1% giving birth to a baby who is a small doppelgänger for Benicio Del Toro
  • 7% bottomless ice cream sundae
  • 10% back in high school
  • 10% back in college
  • 10% dead relative giving important advice you won’t remember when you wake up


Your partner stars in 20 percent of your dreams [The Body Odd]

Image via Perevozchikova Natalia/Shutterstock.

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