20 Things Lindsay Lohan Says She Didn't Do


With her frequent appearances in tabloids and court rooms, Lindsay Lohan is so used to denying any and all allegations regarding her conduct that she’s been using Twitter to compulsively post what she didn’t do. Here are our faves.

She didn’t design for Ed Hardy.

She didn’t want a jet.

She didn’t cheat.

She didn’t get a tattoo.

She didn’t do coke in that bathroom.

She didn’t trip while drunk, she was pushed.

She didn’t drive.

She didn’t leak her songs.

She didn’t set off her alcohol monitoring device.

And neither did her kombucha.

She didn’t go to Teddy’s.

She didn’t get turned away from the club.

She didn’t do the thing they said she was doing when she didn’t go to Fashion Week.

She didn’t kill an animal.

She didn’t smoke.

And when she did, she didn’t smoke Marlboros.

She didn’t give probable cause.

She didn’t have the real call time for the photo shoot.

She didn’t Tweet about Rihanna.

And she didn’t Tweet that other Tweet, either.

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