23 Last-Minute Topical Halloween Costumes for 2023 That Aren’t Barbie

In a year littered with neon spandex and bright pink bell bottoms, stick with something a bit more clever (and easy).


Bummed-Out Supreme Court Justice

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Bummed-Out Supreme Court Justice
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Both Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett and Samuel Alito expressed this year that they don’t get why people are made them. “We are being hammered daily, and I think quite unfairly in a lot of instances. And nobody, practically nobody, is defending us,” Alito told the Wall Street Journal in April. “Public scrutiny is welcome. Increasing and enhancing civics education is welcome,” Barrett said at a judicial conference in August. “To the extent that it gives them misimpressions, that’s a negative development.”

Wear a black robe and looked annoyed or confused or upset the whole night. When people ask what’s wrong, say something like, “I don’t know. I took away people’s rights and bodily autonomy but I just have no clue why everyone hates me.”

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