27 Fully Made Up Things You Don't Know About Leo DiCaprio


Welcome to 27 Made Up Things You Didn’t Know About Me, a new feature where celebrities reveal spicy and fun facts that you didn’t know about them!

This column was written by Bobby Finger and Madeleine Davies. It is entirely made up, but also probably 100% true.

  1. The environment? Not that into it!
  2. I love intuitive directors who let things develop organically on camera. For example, the guy who played Fabrizio was actually crushed by a smokestack on set of Titanic and James Cameron just rolled with it. It was genius.
  3. The Pussy Posse started because we all loved the musical CATS and got kind of out of hand from there.
  4. I once gave Kate Winslet a wheelbarrow filled with gold for her birthday.
  5. Leo is short for Leona.
  6. Kevin Connolly is just a puppet we drag around. He is also one of my best friends.
  7. I’ve never once spoken to Tobey Maguire.
  8. Well, I have, but only in American Sign Language.
  9. I think I could convert to Judaism if I put my mind to it.
  10. Alejandro González Iñárritu is a real prankster and only made The Revenant to see if I would climb inside a dead horse. (I did it!)
  11. I regularly dream about being Bette Midler’s husband and have no idea why.
  12. I have no memory of filming Catch Me If You Can.
  13. Martin Scorsese is MEAN.
  14. My acting heroes are Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Carrot Top.
  15. My favorite comedian is Carrot Top.
  16. My favorite movie is Chairman of the Board starring Carrot Top.
  17. I HATE carrot cake.
  18. I’ve never voted. For anything.
  19. I got my first sex talk from Alan Thicke on the set of Growing Pains. He told me, “Leona, tell the ladies you’re from Canada. Whatever they say, tell ‘em you’re from Canada…”
  20. When I win an Oscar, I plan on melting it down and recasting it in the shape of a Golden Globe.
  21. Just last night I got a text from Alan Thicke that said, “Leona, tell the ladies you’re from Canada. Whatever they say, tell ‘em you’re from Canada.”
  22. I have only ever had one on-set romance and it was with the cricket I killed in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.
  23. I’m scared of heights, so for the water tower scenes in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, I made Kevin Connolly dress up as me. He fell twice. Lasse Hallström gave me a copy of the footage, and I keep it in a safe.
  24. It’s okay because Kevin Connolly is a puppet!
  25. At least I think he’s a puppet?
  26. Models DO NOT make me horny. Crickets make me horny.
  27. I’m a virgin…but not a cricket virgin.

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