3 Officers, Multiple People Hurt in Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting 


On Friday afternoon, police were called to a situation involving an active shooter at a Planned Parenthood location in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Denver Post reports at least three police officers have been injured, as well as multiple civilians. There are no details as to how many victims there are, whether there are hostage situations or if any fatalities have occurred.

“The situation is still unstable, and the shooter is not contained,” Police Lt. Catherine Buckley said in a news conference, according to the Post. Officers are unsure whether there was a single shooter or multiple gunmen. Nearby businesses have been either evacuated or are on lockdown.

The original 911 call came from the Planned Parenthood facility. Joan Motolinia told Denver Post his sister is in the clinic, and was hiding under a table when she called him. “She was telling me to take care of her babies,” he said. “I heard some shots so people were in there shooting for sure.”

In the beginning of this year, a report revealed the number of threats against abortion providers had doubled in the past five years. After heavily-edited, videos meant to “entrap” Planned Parenthood were released by an anti-abortion group this summer, the women’s health care organization has suffered numerous threats, involving cyber attacks, harassment against medical staff and arson.

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