4-Year-Old Girl Drives Car In China, Authorities Can't Stop Her

Here’s a bit of troubling footage out of Jinan, China that shows a young girl driving an SUV while her parents encourage her. Mom is filming this video in the back seat, and Dad is in the front giving advice that apparently translates as, “Concentrate! Be careful when passing other vehicles.”

ShortList reports that there isn’t a whole lot local authorities can do about a child driving around on the streets of China:

A local police spokesman Li Xiaobin revealed that there was very little they could do, under Chinese law.
“Kids absolutely are not allowed to drive,” he said. “However, as for drivers under 14 years old, we can’t give them tickets.”
“If we caught them, we could only educate the parents. In the worse scenario, if an accident happened, we could only ask the parents as guardians to compensate the other parties.”

Let’s hope this viral video doesn’t inspire other Chinese residents to turn this into a dangerous new trend.

[ShortList via Buzzfeed]

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